Migrating from Atomic Blocks to Genesis Blocks

2 years ago we announced that Atomic Blocks, as part of the Array Themes product family, had been acquired by WP Engine. Since then we’ve been growing and expanding the collective blocks based products within our new team.

Today we open another chapter of this story in the form of an important release for Atomic Blocks. The v2.9.0 of Atomic Blocks released today includes a migration tool to help you move to  Genesis Blocks. This migration represents how we are consolidating all of our block focused products underneath the Genesis brand. Consolidation, and the focus it gives us, enables us to accelerate our product work. Effectively meaning we can bring more value to the WordPress community. In a reality where the block editor moves and evolves at a break-neck pace, our refined focus also gives us the agility to stay alongside and even ahead of the curve. 

Genesis Blocks was released to WordPress.org last month. This plugin represents the center-piece for a lot of our block focused plans in Genesis and is the spiritual successor to Atomic Blocks. If you’ve enjoyed working with Atomic Blocks, we encourage you to migrate to Genesis Blocks, where you can find the support and innovation you’ve enjoyed so far.

Migrations, as a rule, can be inconvenient, so to help, we’ve built the migration to be as seamless as possible. For the vast majority of users, it will be as simple as clicking through a couple of buttons.

If you’d like to see the migration in action before you trigger it on your own site, this video below provides a walkthrough.

If you have any questions for the team, don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, the FAQs below should help fill in any gaps.


Will all the content that I’ve previously created with Atomic Blocks still work okay after I migrate?


Will Atomic Blocks still work if I don’t migrate?

Yes, though at some point in the future we will stop providing support and updates. Eventually, it will be removed from the WordPress.org plugin repo.

Do I have to pay for Genesis Blocks?

No. Just like Atomic Blocks, Genesis Blocks is free. There are a number of additional (very cool) features for Genesis Blocks that are available through a Genesis Pro subscription, but the version on WordPress.org is free.

What is Genesis? Is it more than just this plugin?

Yes. Genesis is a suite of tools (plugins and themes) for WordPress creators, builders, and developers who want to embrace and master modern WordPress. Genesis Blocks is one of these tools.

I’ve seen references to Genesis Pro. What is that and how does it relate to Genesis Blocks?

Genesis Pro is a paid subscription that unlocks additional features across the Genesis product suite.

What features are planned for Genesis Blocks in the near future?

Genesis Blocks is closely tied to all of our plans around the block editor, and as the editor itself matures, Genesis Blocks will also increase in value and feature-set. In the short-term, keep an eye out for an announcement on a feature we’ve called Collections. 😉

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