Create a reusable content block with Shared Blocks

There are going to be some Gutenberg content blocks you create that you want to use on more than one page. While the Gutenberg development team has proposed a few ideas of what global block placement might look like, it’s still quite a ways away. Until then, we can utilize some other neat features of the new WordPress editor to work around this.

Enter Shared Blocks

Shared blocks let you save a block and its contents to be reusable on other posts and pages where blocks are available. This creates a really handy way for you to have commonly-duplicated blocks ready at your fingertips. Perhaps you’re using it to create quick layouts, or to place a call to action in opportune placements in your content. Shared blocks can be a powerful tool for quick content creation.

How to create a shared block.

It’s pretty simple to turn a block into a shared block. As seen in the screenshot above, all you need to do is click the More Options button on the upper right hand side of the block. Here, you will see a few block options such as Edit as HTML, Duplicate and Convert to Shared Block. Once you click Convert to Shared Block, you’ll be prompted to choose a name for the shared block and then you’re ready to save it.

Shared block video demo

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how we turned the sharing icons (found in the Atomic Blocks plugin) into a shared block to be reused on different posts and pages.

We hope this quick tip helps you save some time by creating usable content blocks for quick page building. Let us know if you’ve come up with any unique uses for shared blocks in the comments below!

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