Section & Layout Block

The Section and Layout block and the WordPress block editor brings full page building capabilities to your WordPress site. This block includes a suite of layout tools, including the new Section & Layout window, which gives you quick access to a growing collection of page sections and full page layouts.

  • 8 Page Section Designs
  • 4 Full Page Layouts
  • Easy to use UI
  • Page building tools
  • Customizable Colors
  • Margins and Paddings
  • Responsive Sections & Layouts
  • Built on CSS Grid

Pre-designed Page Sections

The following page sections can be arranged in any order on your site to create a unique layout that matches endless use cases. With a few clicks, you can insert a fully-editable page section and edit to fit your needs.

Pre-Designed Page Layouts

Page layouts takes page design to the next level. We’ve taken the page sections you see above, and combined them in unique layouts that can make for a great homepage, landing page, personal portfolio site, and more. This is only the beginning of our section and layout collection, with more on the way!